AssetCore Announce Roadmap out of Lockdown

Following the December decision to follow the science and lock the AssetCore developers in their rooms, the number of bugs in the next release of AssetCore has continued to fall, to the point where we are now happy to announce the end of lockdown – and the release of the 2021.1 version of AssetCore.

There are two large items this month:

1.         Stress Testing and HPI
The EUV valuation tool now includes the ability to separately a) stress each valuation type and thence security value, and b) apply UK House Price inflation (courtesy of HM Government) to historical MV-ST and OMV valuations.

2.         Property Release Workflow
A workflow to support the release of property from acting as security for a loan. The first of the several release forms required for the process has been developed and can now be generated by the system.

And five smaller items:

3.         Enhanced Drilldown on Analysis Report
The summary section of the Analysis report now supports drill down.

4.         Data Shares can now be for a customised set of fields
When creating a share, users can now select a customised set of fields in addition to ‘All’ or ‘Default’.

5.         Additional fields on Facilities View
The created facilities page now shows more detail on each facility, including asset ratios when drilling down.

6.         Loans Expiry Date
Loans now have an expiry date and Loan views now have a checkbox to include/exclude expired loans. This means that older loans can be kept for historical reporting purposes but no longer clutter up reports when they are no longer of any interest to man or beast.

7.         Enhanced Subsidiary Grid on Summary View
The grid of properties at the bottom of the summary view which offers the detail on the currently selected cell now allows the columns to be selected, sorted and saved as part of the view.

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for the end of April, the content for which will be determined shortly: if there is anything AssetCore doesn’t do that you wish it did, now is the time to raise an item in the Enhancements section!

The Jacinta and Chris AssetCore Roadshow showing off the new features is scheduled for 10am, Thursday March 4th. All are welcome, YOU are welcome. Be there or be square.

And I finish with my customary plea for someone to talk to – please, if you have any questions about the product or how we can help you get more out of it please drop us a line. You will find us charming, vivacious, excellent conversationalists and a joy to talk to. Probably.

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