AssetCore 2021.4 Release Wins Eurovision

AssetCore’s entry, ‘Boom-bang-a-boom-boom goes the security charging process’ unexpectedly won Eurovision last night, outpointing a very strong British entry. Lead singer Andrew Walsh said ‘this is only the beginning, next year we hope to learn to play our instruments’.

There are two large many-item developments this month:

1.         Compliance
We have developed a rules based compliance system. In essence, it lets you define multiple rules associated with covenant compliance and test them periodically.

Rules supported include net annual income, shared ownership (and other category of provision exposure), contingency limits, golden rule exposure, headroom, value of security against drawn or facility limits, property type/construction type and many, many, more. This is big. Huge.

2.         Data Loader Rewrite
The data upload facility has been rewritten to make it faster and to make it work better with automated uploads from external systems. To put it in context, a complete update of all records from, say, the housing management system of our largest client, should take minutes instead of hours.

And a collection of smaller items:

3.         Rent Upload in Multiple Formats
Rent can now be uploaded as weekly, annual, monthly or quarterly numbers as well as on a 48 or 50 week basis.  If you have another period we can probably also do that – give us a call 🙂 

4.         Curve for EUV calc % reduction by Portfolio size 
You can now apply a portfolio size discount curve to our EUV valuations to account for the discount valuers typically apply to larger portfolios of assets.

5.         Asset Lending Value on Scenario Testing
The effect of stressing and applying inflation to security values on asset lending value can now be seen in the summary grid.

6.         Treasury & Property Report Pie chart Edit tool 
The Treasury and Property reports now let you choose what values go in the pie charts at the top. The Analysis report has always worked that way.

7.         Property release document direct to document area
When producing property release forms for trustees you can now also send them straight to the document management area, categorised appropriately.

8.         EPC rating field
We now record the EPC rating on properties.  Handy, if you want to record EPC ratings.

9.         Summary grid subsidiary Excel export
The grid of properties at the bottom of the summary view which offers the detail on the currently selected cell can now be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for the end of July, the content for which will be determined shortly: if there is anything AssetCore doesn’t do that you wish it did, now is the time to raise an item in the Enhancements section!

The Jacinta and Chris AssetCore Roadshow™ showing off the new features is scheduled for 10am, Thursday June 3rd. All are welcome. YOU are welcome. Be there or be a quadrilateral of equal side and angle.

As usual, please, if you have any questions about the product or how we can help you get more out of it please drop us a line. We are hungry to solve your AssetCore-related problems – and can usually help with crosswords, jigsaws and sudoku too.

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