Customers urged to accept result of last night’s AssetCore release

Although bug reports are still being counted, we at AC News are calling this software release for Biden. Allegations of irregularities in the submission of enhancement requests are, in our opinion, baseless or at least wildly overstated.

There are two large items this month:

1.         Summary, including property value estimation tool 
A new slice and dice tool which gives a top down view of numerical data (weekly rent, property value, NAI,  etc.) for your properties. It includes our first cut at an EU-SH Valuation tool which discounts income and costs to arrive at an estimation of security value based on multiple schemes.  Much more work is planned in this (for us) exciting area. Note that we are still validating the numbers so, out of caution, the numbers generated by the tool are marked BETA.

2.         Under the hood
A structural change (which took forever to get right) has speeded up long-running reports – roughly halving the time taken.

And seven smaller items:

3.         Land Registry title reference editable
It is now possible to edit this field within the property editor.

4.         Dashboard report panels description includes report type 
Those dashboard panels which show the summary and charts of the property, treasury, loan and comparative reports now have the type of the report included in their description.

5.         CSV export from drill down 
The CSV exports in the Treasury and Analysis report drill-downs have been improved to match the format of the other property CSV exports in the system.

6.         Created properties page enhanced 
It now uses a grid and offers filters, column selection and other good things.

7.         De-select property picture 
The property edit screen now lets you de-select your uploaded image if you wish.

8.         Property lot reference as category 
The analysis and comparative reports now allow ‘Property Lot Reference’ to be used as a category choice.

9.         View Loan from Created Facilities
Loans shown in the created Facilities screen can now be clicked on to see their details.

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for the end of January, the content for which will be determined in our development meeting at the end of this month, so get those enhancement requests in!

Jacinta and Chris’ Webinar to show off the new features is scheduled for 10am, Thursday Nov 26th. All are welcome. Bring a friend.

And as usual, should you have any queries about the product, the new release, this email, our sense of humour or anything else, we would love to hear from you.

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