There is no truth to the suggestion that foreign powers interfere in the АссетЧоре процесс развития AssetCore development process.

Stripped of the 175 redactions necessary to protect national security, herewith the details of our latest release:

  1. Reporting on loan security positions (unsecured/ringfenced security) 
    The treasury report has been substantially enhanced to include a) properties which are not assigned to a loan (unencumbered stock) and b) loans which have no properties assigned them (unsecured loans). The treasury report now gives a complete picture of assets and liabilities. There is more to come in this area, stay tuned.
  2. Choice of charts on Dashboard  
    Charts on the dashboard versions of the Property and Treasury reports now use data elements selected by the user rather than being hard coded.
  3. Most Recently Used Reports 
    We have added a new dashboard widget to show the 7 reports you have used most recently in order of use. 
  4. Right Justification!
    A huge change – numbers are now right-justified in reports. 
  5. Enhancement Item Type
    Enhancements now include a dropdown to distinguish between Enhancements and Problems.
  6. Tranche Name in Share area now shows Loan Name as well
    Previously just the tranche name was shown – causing some confusion when making shares.
  7. Enhancements Title filter now free text
    Title is now a searchable field for Enhancements. Handy if you have added hundreds of enhancement requests and can’t remember what you called them.
  8. Effective Date on initial loan upload
    The loan upload facility now allows the specification of an effective date on a new loan.  Previously this was not permitted – for no discernible reason.
  9. Deletion of document assignments
    If a user erroneously associates a document with properties, those associations need to be deleted – the system used to crash if a user attempted to delete more than a few thousand of those at once. This becomes much more of a problem with increasing use of document management so fixing it is timely…

Looking Forward 

  • Our next release is shaping up nicely – we are working  on an Existing Use Valuation Tool! Please let us know if that idea floats your boat and add alternative Enhancement ideas to the website if it does not – there are no bad ideas, just ideas that AssetCore haven’t implemented yet…
  • Watch out for our new post-release webinar, details of which will be posted shortly.

At the risk of sounding like Norman-No-Mates, during lockdown we have enjoyed the increased communication with our clients – particularly the video calls – and are keen to carry this on with the easing of lockdown. So, please, if we can help with anything vaguely AssetCore-related, like how some new (or old) feature works or if you want to tell us about a fault, note that we are sophisticated users of telephone, email, tin cans and string, the various web VC and screen sharing tools – and keen to talk.

Добрые мысли … 

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