We’ve fact checked our twitter post.
We’ve driven to Barnard Castle to check our eyesight.
We’ve taken our daily dose of hydroxychloroquine.
We’ve got a new release of AssetCore to tell you about.

As a keen user of the product you will doubtless already know that late last night we unleashed the raging bull that is AssetCore 2020.4 onto an unsuspecting world.

  1. Dashboard
    The home page has been made into a collection of moveable (and removable) editable widgets. There is also a new widget which displays the summary data and charts from any existing report.
  2. Automate Data Uploads
    It is now possible to automate the upload of property data (rents, for example) from external systems using an API we have developed.
  3. Loan Editor
    The property edit screen developed last time proved so popular that we felt constrained to produce one for loans.
    Users can edit loan names directly from the facilities screen rather than having to upload another csv file.
  4. Portfolios Tab
    A new tab has been added to the property screen to show and edit portfolios to which a property belongs.
  5. Reports
    Last time we made it possible to drag and drop column names in the column picker instead of using the old up and down arrows – this time we have enhanced report filters in a similar way.
  6. Treasury Report Bug Fixed
    A rather irritating bug in the drill down for the Treasury Report which gave blank results when a user drilled down into the underlying data under certain circumstances has been fixed.

Looking Forward 

  1. We are beyond excited by the new dashboard and are hoping that you will deluge us with enhancement requests for new widgets to make it even better.
  2. We have moved to funky offices (offices, remember those?) near silicon roundabout. We have no intention of actually going there until lockdown is well and truly over but will bask in the warm glow of knowing that when we do we will be rubbing shoulders with other thrusting young technology companies…

Our operating rhythm may have skipped the odd beat as we shifted into lockdown but yours needn’t – if we can help with anything vaguely AssetCore-related, need to be told about a bug or perhaps you want to be shown how some new feature works, please note that we are expert in the use of telephone, email, and the various web VC and screen sharing tools – and keen to talk.    

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