AssetCore Celebrates Results

I write this moments after opening our results envelope and am delighted to announce straight A*s for our new other categorydisposal transactionautomated reporting and automated compliance features.  The shine was somewhat taken off by the D- awarded for release time-keeping but as this is obviously the result of government intervention we will continue partying non-stop, sobering up briefly for the start of term at University of Clerkenwell’s shiny new Garrett Street Campus in September.

A photo of the AssetCore team jumping in the air whilst holding our letter has been circulated to the major newspapers for use with this press release but has inexplicably been overlooked.

  1. Disposal Transactions
    We have automated the process of transfers, disposals and staircasing! DS1 and DS3 forms are also (optionally) generated. This should save considerable time, reduce error and put another set of spreadsheets into the dustbin of pre-history.
    A side benefit of this is that property reports will now normally exclude sold properties although can also report on them. 
  2. Other Categories
    Customers can now add their own data fields to properties. Inspired by a customer request to add a RAG status, any collection of string descriptors can be set up and applied to properties.  The data is then visible in all relevant reports.
  3. Upload mappings
    Uploads of data from other systems (or CSVs, even) can now map values as well as column names so that imports can be done without requiring massaging of data.
  4. Automated reports
    All reports can now be run on a schedule automatically then delivered by email. You can also email a report directly from the screen. Even your mum isn’t safe from getting an AssetCore report.
  5. Automated compliance
    Compliance rules can now email you if they fail or pass a warning level. No more lying awake at night worrying that your Loan to Value ratio is close to limit or your income cover isn’t what it needs to be – let AssetCore take the strain and warn you when it gets close…
  6. Property Valuation Report
    A new tool has been developed – the Property Valuation Report. It does valuations. For properties. Also, it’s a report!
  7. Fire Safety data
    A slew of new Fire Safety/Grenfell related data items have been added to properties – just select them on the shares you create for Savills, JLL, CBRE or whoever.
  8. SAP Rating
    The EPC rating is now derived from the (new) SAP rating.
  9. Valuation Editor
    A new editor for valuations has been provided.
  10. XLSX Export for Property, Valuation and Enhancement reports
    The Property, Valuation and Enhancement reports all now extract XLSX format,  helping those who want to do the things that AssetCore doesn’t (yet :-)).

But wait, there’s more!
We did a lot this time – here are the titchy things:

Treasury Reports now much faster
Property editor faster and simpler to use
Trusts now group wide
Filters applied at report creation are now visible when you look at the report, helping to make clear what you are looking at
Report lists now give you similar information, helping you pick the right report
New system tab gives access to scheduled jobs, calculated fields and the new import templates.

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for November, the content for which will be determined Monday September 12th: if there is anything AssetCore doesn’t do that you wish it did, slide over to the Enhancements section of the product and drop some items on us…

Assuage your FOMO (as the kids say), attend Jacinta and Chris’ usual AssetCore Roadshow at 10am, Thursday September 8th – this one is big so book early. And bring a friend. Or two.

If we can help with anything, explain anything or you just want to compliment us on how cool we look on the AssetCore website call 020 3637 8951 – please, anything to distract us from our collective failure to get Wordle most days.

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