AssetCore February ’22 release takes UK by storm
Announcement of support for Numerical Apportionment blows roof off O2 Arena, cancelling Simply Red concert. Mick Hucknall says cancellation ‘totally worthwhile if it means Housing Associations can now correctly model the effect of cross-collateralisation on complex charging structures’.

Apologies, it has taken us forever to do this. AssetCore now supports Programmes of Loans/Notes/Bonds, cross-collateralisation and has 5 smaller improvements.

  1. Programmes
    This means Numerical Apportionment finally makes an appearance – requiring significant improvements to most areas of the system and including the new, excitingly named, ‘Programme Report’.
  2. Scheduled Compliance
    Enabling it to be run at fixed times of day so you don’t have to remember to do it. Watch this space for more things being offered for scheduling…
  3. Property Report now shows Suspect Data
    New data error columns highlight problems with input data. Will help you get your data shiny as a new penny.
  4. New Category of Provision – Residential Care
    You asked, we spent hours agonising over it.
  5. Reinstatement Value now supported
    A new valuation basis enables you to record reinstatement value and how it changes over time.
  6. Cross-collateralisation
    Any situation where multiple HAs charge security for a single loan can now be neatly and safely effected within the product.
  7. Improvements to Enhancements
    Many small improvements have been made to the Enhancement section, making it even easier to contribute ideas for improving the product. 

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for May, the content for which will be determined this Thursday: if there is anything AssetCore doesn’t do that you wish it did, now is totally the right time to raise an item in the Enhancements section!

The Jacinta and Chris AssetCore Roadshow™ showing off the new features is scheduled for 10am, Thursday March 3rd. All are welcome. And contrary to what I said last time, it makes absolutely no difference if you have no clue what AssetCore is – the jokes don’t get any better.

As ever, please remember that you are the joy in our sad existence – if you don’t call and ask us how some arcane portion of the system works or to pretend you need help with your Trustee reporting at quarter-end then you condemn us to Mick’s entire back catalogue through tinny office speakers on an endless loop.

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