Release 2021.7

The Government yesterday announced that AssetCore has been moved from the amber list to a new ‘pink star with yellow polka-dots’ list. Normal covid precautions will continue to apply when using the product including mask wearing, sanitising computer screens with hair gel and not laughing at release notes.

There are 8 items of note this month in addition to the usual collection of bug fixes.

1.         RP now editable on Property Record
It is now possible to transfer a property from one RP to another just by using the dropdown in the property editor.

2.         Country, Region, District HPI
You can now apply Country, Region and District level HPI to historic valuations in the Summary Grid to see the effect of bringing valuations up to date prior to applying a stress to them.  UK level HPI was already available.

3.         Valuations and Rents History Tabs
The property editor now offers a tab to show the history of valuations conducted for a given property AND a tab to show the history of rents charged on the property. I honestly have no idea why we did not think of doing this before.

4.         New ‘Building Safety’ Document category
The document management system now allows a new category of ‘Building Safety’.

5.         Aggregate Compliance Rules Now Supported
Compliance rules can now test entities (portfolios and organisations) in aggregate rather than just singly. If you are one of those far-thinking and sophisticated people who are already using the compliance system then this will simplify rule setup, if you aren’t then not so much.

6.         Count as a % In Summary Grid
The summary grid now permits Count (number of properties) to be viewed as a %age.

7.         Calculated Fields in Property Report and Summary Grid
Although a little fiddly to set up, calculated fields can now be created for the property report and the summary grid.  A lawsuit from Microsoft Excel is expected at any moment.

8.         New Compliance Rule: Number of Units
This makes it possible to, for example, check that an RP or Loan has no more (or less) than a certain number of units.

Looking Forward
The next release is scheduled for the end of October, the content for which will be determined next week: if there is anything AssetCore doesn’t do that you wish it did, now is a swell time to raise an item in the Enhancements section!

The Jacinta and Chris AssetCore Roadshow™ showing off the new features is scheduled for 10am, Wednesday Sept 1st. All are welcome – it helps if you have half a clue what AssetCore actually is but it really doesn’t matter.

As ever, do remember that we exist only to help you get more out of the system – nothing else crosses our minds from one day to the next, so calling us and asking for help or to be shown how to use the system is doing us a kindness, really.