I am delighted to say (a little belatedly) that a new version of AssetCore has hit the streets packed with the following exciting enhancements.

1. We have added a folder upload facility – entire folders and tree structures of documents can be uploaded at a time. Access to this feature is controlled by a new permission – if you or members of your team want to use it please contact us for set up and training. In the next release it will be made available by default to all users who already have permission to upload documents singly.

2. Following the improvement (earlier this year) to pie charts which aggregates pie segments less than 3% into one segment labelled ‘Other’, we have added a setting to all pie charts to tweak that percentage (set it to 0% to have no aggregation.)

3. Property data upload has been made a little easier to use – you now only have to provide columns for the 19 mandatory fields in your csv (previously you had to supply all 108 columns even where there was no data.)

4. Creation of large Portfolios is now much, much quicker thanks to some clever programming. Please don’t ask why we didn’t do it that way the first time…

Watch this space
We are building an area in the product where you can request new features and report faults (as if!) You will also be able to see what we are working on for the next release.

As ever, if you or your team would like to know how any feature works we can usually do a web conference (WebEx, Zoom, GotoMeeting, tin cans and string etc.) in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

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