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Release 2023.9

AssetCore shock Australia 22-15 in Social housing finance World Cup AssetCore blew Pool C wide open with a thrilling win over a pedestrian Australia, combining a raft of new features with solid presentational improvements – as well as a willingness to run the ball and good imagination at the breakdown. Wallabies head coach Jones admitted his…

Release 2022.8

AssetCore Celebrates Results I write this moments after opening our results envelope and am delighted to announce straight A*s for our new other category, disposal transaction, automated reporting and automated compliance features.  The shine was somewhat taken off by the D- awarded for release time-keeping but as this is obviously the result of government intervention we will continue partying non-stop, sobering up briefly for the start…

Release 2022.2

AssetCore February ’22 release takes UK by stormAnnouncement of support for Numerical Apportionment blows roof off O2 Arena, cancelling Simply Red concert. Mick Hucknall says cancellation ‘totally worthwhile if it means Housing Associations can now correctly model the effect of cross-collateralisation on complex charging structures’. Apologies, it has taken us forever to do this. AssetCore now…


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