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Release 2023.9

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AssetCore shock Australia 22-15 in Social housing finance World Cup

AssetCore blew Pool C wide open with a thrilling win over a pedestrian Australia, combining a raft of new features with solid presentational improvements – as well as a willingness to run the ball and good imagination at the breakdown.

Wallabies head coach Jones admitted his side were outthought and outfought – ‘If I’ve told the lads once I’ve told them a thousand times, the essence of a security re-valuation exercise is accuracy, good records and tight cost-control. I might as well have been talking to housing maintenance.’

AssetCore tight-head prop and team captain Chris Sharp remains unavailable for comment following 24 hours of post match celebration, leaving journalists such as myself scrabbling to write their own sporting cliches.

  1. New Loan/programme editor
    The Loan editor got a rewrite and is quite a bit smarter.
  2. Summary grid
    Previously the Summary Grid worked on a portfolio of properties – now you can select a Programme/Loan, Trust, Portfolio or All.
  3. Summary Grid Decimal Places
    Just a display improvement – decimal places now vary depending upon the analytics chosen in the Summary Grid.
  4. New transaction types – Charge and Uncharge
    More transaction types, more forms, more automation of the relationship with the trustee or lender.
  5. The Treasury report has many new fields:
    Annual Interest Due
    Headroom Income
    Headroom Income %
    Facility Income Requirement (which is now calculated)
    Undrawn amount (not the hardest of numbers to calculate…)
  6. Cash collateral
    Where loans have cash collateral (perhaps as a result of a sales transaction where insufficient security remains) AssetCore can now include it in calculations.
  7. API Uploads extended
    Most property and loan data can now be automatically imported from third party systems following a large extension to the range of data supported by this most vital of components…

The Way Forward
The next release is scheduled for December, the content for which will be determined Monday October 2nd: if you have an idea for how AssetCore could be even more super-intelligent and helpful please throw an item on the Enhancements section of the product and we will get in touch.

‘Hey you, don’t watch that, watch this’
Come see the madness at Jacinta and Chris’ legendary AssetCore Roadshow on Thursday September 28th at 10am – the rumour that they will be wearing baggy trousers and pork pie hats is completely without basis in fact.

If we can assist with any AssetCore-related aspect of your day please drop us a line on 020 3637 8951 – don’t be shy, we aren’t.

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