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Our board come from all over housing and absolutely assure me that they are the great and the good of the sector. I totally don’t have any doubts about this.

They meet at least three times a year – in the spring to consider the performance of the last year (we operate on a calendar year basis), in the summer to approve the accounts for the last year and in the autumn to approve the buget for the next year.

Authority is delegated to an Executive committee of Julian, Phil, Derek, Andrew and Jacinta which meets monthly on the second Wednesday. These meetings are considerably less fun.

Julian Ashby

Our chair and, in an odd example of nominative determinism, a keen amateur carpenter. He used to be chair of the regulator but has since recovered.

Robert Grundy

Head of Affordable Housing at Savills. Runs a lot of stuff and keeps an eye on us.

Phil Jenkins

Co-founder of Centrus, AssetCore and a string of other entities, its a miracle they got him to stand still for this shot.

Nathan Pickles

Co-founder of Wharfedale associates and token Yorkshireman on the board.

Paul Stevens

Co-founder of Centrus and sometime banker. Nice guy nevertheless.

Derek Joseph

Chair of Aquila. What can I say about Derek that hasn’t already been said? He makes a mean cinnamon ball. There, I did it.

Andrew Walsh

Sometime founder of thinkFolio and enthusiastic CEO of AssetCore, his sense of humour is matched only by his dress sense.

Jacinta Balchin

Has the terrible misfortune to be another Co-Founder of AssetCore but smiles through it all and evangelises the product tirelessly.

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