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‘Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of Covid19 stays these computer programmers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds’ (with apologies to Herodotus and the US Postal service.)

I am pleased to announce the release of AssetCore 2020.2 to its adoring public. This month we are unleashing:

  1. Enhancements
    We have added a shared area for enhancement requests and fault reports reached through an ‘Enhancements’ link at the top of the page. Useful for keeping an eye on what those clever people at AssetCore are doing as well as adding to their to-do list.
  2. Portfolios
    Portfolio renaming and deletion is now possible from the portfolio list screen. One can also add or remove the results of drill-down reports to or from portfolios, simplifying portfolio management somewhat.
  3. Property Screen
    Users can edit directly from the property screen rather than having to upload another csv file.
    A new edit history is provided showing csv upload dates as well as manual edits.
    Users can select the effective date of the property information being viewed.
  4. Additional data
    15 fields have been added to the property record mostly in respect of rent, valuations, block safety and lease detail. A list is available…
  5. Reports
    When choosing columns it is now possible to drag and drop column names in the column picker instead of using the old up and down arrows.

Onwards, Upwards
All items being worked on for the next release are visible in the new Enhancements section of the product. Of particular note is the ability to automate the upload of rent (and other) information from external systems. Stay tuned to this channel for news of this and other vital improvements…

Although we are all perforce, working from home, AssetCore is operating business approximately as usual. If you need help with anything, want to record a fault or just feel like a chat about the loo roll shortage, the usual routes are open by telephone, email, or the various web VC and screen sharing tools.  

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